Palmview Submission

Palmview Submission

Time is running out to make a submission to Council on the Palmview Structure Plan. Submissions close 4.30pm on Monday 26 October 2015. If you would like to make a submission by email please use the below headline as the subject line, and send it to You are welcome to copy and paste the below info and use it as your own. Here is the submission I made.


The Chief Executive Officer
Sunshine Coast Council
Locked Bag 72
Sunshine Coast Mail Centre
Qld 4560

Submission on proposed Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 (Major Amendment – Palmview Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy)

I Michael Doroshenko wish to make the following submission on the proposed Planning Scheme Amendments relating to the Palmview Structure Plan and Planning Scheme Policy.

I support the following:

  1. A minimum of 450m2 residential house blocks. I object to Council allowing a residential house block to be less than 450m2, which only increases the land yield for developers and obviously a greater return to Council for rates. I see this as nothing more than a money grab, and does nothing to achieve a lifestyle for good neighbourhood living.
  2. A reduction in housing densities. Allowing a minimum residential house block to be no less than 450m2 provides an acceptable population density, and a sustainable lifestyle.
  3. The early construction of district sporting fields, within stage one of the Palmview Development. For far too long, Sippy Downs has suffered with zero m2 of public active recreation sporting fields, and this council must make it a priority to deliver this important infrastructure.
  4. Claymore Road link to be constructed first. I support the current sequencing of the road network which will lessen the burden on Sippy Downs local roads, including University Way and Springhill Drive.
  5. Provide access to Palmview from Bruce Highway (Western Service Road). I believe this is a critical link to service the needs of the future Palmview community and prevent congestion on the existing Sippy Downs local road network. I therefore request that this link be guaranteed as part of the Palmview road network. I also request that council preserve the land option for a future access point from Palmview to the Bruce Highway western service road, to ensure a reserve is protected.
  6. Removal of the Greenlink corridors. The community has strongly voiced their concerns over the proposed North South Greenlink into the University of the Sunshine Coast, and I object to the Greenlink being left on the planning scheme. I ask that the Greenlink corridor be completely removed from the planning scheme.

Whilst not relevant to the Planning Scheme Amendments, I would like Council to consider:

  • An upgrade of Claymore Road leading into Palmview (Sippy Downs Dr. to University Way). With the major increase of traffic and trucks entering Palmview it is imperative that Council urgently reconsiders the upgrade of Claymore Road instead of waiting until 2031 to consider an upgrade.


Mike Doroshenko
PO Box 7494
Sippy Downs, Qld. 4556

Sent on Sunday, 25 October 2015
Sent by Email


About Mike Doroshenko

Mike has lived in Chancellor Park for over 15 years and is a community advocate. He is a small business owner and enjoys helping people in the community. As a former President of the local community association Mike has always strived to improve our community.