Prepare to STOP off Bruce Highway

Prepare to STOP off Bruce Highway

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), today confirmed their plans for Sippy Downs residents who wish to exit from southbound traffic on the Bruce Highway, that they will face either a Stop sign or Give-Way sign at a T-intesection on the new Western Service Road when they wish to continue onto Sippy Downs Drive. Motorists will also be forced to continue up the Western Service Road and turn right at a roundabout at the intersection of Tanawha Tourist Road and Crosby Hill Drive, before they can venture onto Chancellor Park Marketplace. Yes that is correct and this is not some fictional story. The decision is part of the revised “preferred” layout for the Bruce Highway upgrade which was released by TMR on 17 July.

At present Sippy Downs residents have free flowing merged traffic (traveling East) onto the Sunshine Motorway off the Bruce Highway, and can make a decision to take Sippy Downs Drive or continue onto Dixon Road to enter Sippy Downs. This first section of road has been deemed unsafe by TMR and they believe that having a T-intersection with a Stop sign or Give-Way sign (see blow map), will be much safer and cause no problems when exiting from the Bruce Highway.

In separate lengthy meetings with TMR and local politicians today, Mike Doroshenko from Save Exit 190 Group discussed the impact of the new “preferred” layout for the Bruce Highway upgrade. “The Save Exit 190 Group and I passed on our objections to this ridiculous plan and wish that other residents will also voice their concerns on how the proposed plan will seriously effect residents of Sippy Downs, Palmview and Glenview. I can see another Wilson Road disaster being created here,” said Mike.

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