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Tomorrow’s Internet Here Today

Tomorrow’s Internet Here Today

Hi folks, great news! For months I have been on about the sub standard internet connections that we have had to put up with in Chancellor Park & Sippy Downs (see the original post on 20 May 2015, click here). I have even had an article published in the Sunshine Coast Daily to voice my concerns. Fast Broadband is finally here for Chancellor Park!

Well today I’d like to announce that I have found a solution that delivers superfast broadband for Chancellor Park & Sippy Downs. No it’s not the NBN, but Fixed Wireless Broadband. I used to get speeds of 0.22 mb/s but as soon as I hooked up, this technology is able to deliver over 50mb/s, which is ridiculously fast.

The company is Our Community Broadband who “shape” your service to suit the plan that you choose, and I have chosen the superfast plan which gives you 25mb/s (they have much cheaper plans too from $49.50/month). I’d like to point out that I’ve been on a trial with them and now signed up with Our Community Broadband (a local company). I am not employed by them and they have not paid me to write this post. I’m just really excited to share that I have found a solution that is worth considering.

Despite what some in the community would like you to think, the NBN is way off for Sippy Downs residents, particularly existing homes (Brownfield sites).

As they say “tomorrow’s Internet is here today.” If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

Check out this link for more info: http://www.ourcommunitybroadband.com.au/plans/

What’s Your Internet Speed?

Anything over 10mb/s download speed is quite good. Check your internet speed, by clicking this link: http://www.speedtest.net

About Mike Doroshenko

Mike has lived in Chancellor Park for over 10 years and is a community advocate. He is a small business owner and enjoys helping people in the community. As a former President of the local community association Mike has always strived to improve our community.

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