Permanent closure of Sunshine Motorway right turn

Permanent closure of Sunshine Motorway right turn

Late last week, the right turn from the Sunshine Motorway (eastbound) to the southbound Bruce Highway entry ramp was permanently closed. This permanent closure is one of the first steps in establishing the construction site for the upgrade of the Sunshine Motorway interchange, and is required for safety reasons.

The position of the recently installed roadside barriers means that the right turn movement and merging lanes at the Bruce Highway ramp have been removed.
Motorists can still access the Bruce Highway southbound by using alternative routes such as the Sippy Downs interchange.
On completion of construction, local traffic from Wilson and Cunning roads will travel on the new western service road to access the Bruce Highway southbound.

Service relocation works

Motorists can expect minor disruptions while service relocation works are undertaken for the upgrade from November 2017.
Some existing infrastructure in the project corridor including water, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications needs to be relocated or protected.
This may mean re-stringing overhead power lines, relocating overhead electricity services underground, or relocating existing underground water and telecommunications services.

Temporary changes to traffic conditions are required while these works are completed. This will include lane closures, reduced speed limits and minor stoppages in traffic flow.

On Sunday 5 November 2017, between 8pm and 5am, motorists can expect short-term delays in both directions on the Bruce Highway between the Caloundra Road and Sunshine Motorway interchanges. Highway traffic in both directions will be stopped for up to 15 minutes while Energex work on overhead powerlines which cross the highway. Rolling closures will be in place between 8pm and 5am to enable these works.

Construction update

Northern work zones

Vegetation removal activities will continue over the next couple of months on the eastern side of the highway, with some night works required to safely remove the remaining large trees next to the Bruce Highway and Sunshine Motorway. Clearing will start on the eastern side of the highway near Pignata Road before the end of the year and progressively move north towards Sippy Downs. This will allow space to six-lane the highway.

Other upcoming construction activities in the northern work zones include:

Night works:
• Widening the shoulders of the Bruce Highway, Sunshine Motorway and Cunning Road to provide for new site accesses. This will enable four new site accesses on Cunning Road, west of the Sunshine Motorway interchange and on the eastern side of the Bruce Highway, north of the Sunshine Motorway interchange.
• Linemarking and installing roadside barriers along the highway and at the Sunshine Motorway and Sippy Downs interchanges, to maintain a safe distance between traffic and the construction works zone. Temporary ramp closures will be required during these works.
• Constructing a temporary northbound Bruce Highway entry ramp from the Sunshine Motorway. Traffic is expected to be transferred to this ramp over the next couple of weeks. This will allow for bridgeworks to occur at the Sunshine Motorway interchange.
Day works:
• Top soil stripping, embankment activities and major earthworks, particularly near Sippy Creek and Cunning roads.
• Bored piling works on the new bridge to the west of the Sunshine Motorway interchange.

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