Palmview and Glenview update

Palmview and Glenview update

Vegetation removal activities

We appreciate your patience while vegetation removal works were undertaken at Pignata Road, Laxton Road and the Mooloolah River as part of site preparation works. Where trees are close to a road, we are required to implement lane closures for the safety of roadworkers and motorists. Lane closures must be implemented at night, when traffic volumes are lower and the speed limit can be reduced.

During vegetation works, qualified fauna spotter-catchers are on-site and monitoring the construction activities. Fauna spotter-catchers are licenced and qualified to capture, release and relocate wildlife during vegetation removal.

Vegetation removal in Palmview has been undertaken to:

  • Allow for construction of a site access gate at the southern end of Pignata Road, and a temporary haulage route to take construction traffic off Laxton Road and other local roads
  • Prepare for relocation of services, such as Energex and Telstra.
  • Commence earthworks for construction of a cul-de-sac at the end of Pignata Road, while temporarily maintaining the existing Bruce Highway access ramp.
  • Allow for construction of the new southbound Bruce Highway carriageway and exit ramp to Caloundra Road.
  • Facilitate construction of an emergency access from Pignata Road to the Bruce Highway southbound.
  • Allow for the installation of road furniture and fencing.

Vegetation removal activities have also been undertaken on the western side of Steve Irwin Way. Vegetation removal activities will continue to progress as new work zones are established.

Once construction works are completed, areas required for temporary works will be revegetated in accordance with the Landscape and Urban Design Plan which is currently being developed.

Other construction activities

Night works will take place over the coming months Sunday to Thursday, 7pm to 5am, and will include:

  • Widening the road shoulders of the Bruce Highway and Caloundra Road interchange ramps. This will enable new site accesses on the eastern side of the Caloundra Road interchange, and on the western side of Pignata Road near the new car pool facility.
  • Linemarking and installation of roadside barriers along the highway, the Caloundra Road interchange and near the Pignata Road bridge construction zone.
  • Temporary ramp closures are required to facilitate these works. Subscribe to our free SMS update service for further information about when these ramp closures are scheduled.
  • Service relocations for electricity and telecommunications near Glenview Road, Greenhaven Drive, Pignata Road and Martin Road. Planned service outages may be required during these works. Affected properties will be notified of planned outages by the relevant service provider.

Day works will take place Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm, and will include:

  • Earthworks on the eastern side of the Bruce Highway, for construction of:

– the new three-lane southbound Bruce Highway carriageway

– a new two-lane exit ramp to Caloundra Road

– a new southbound entry ramp from Caloundra Road to the highway

  • Bored piling works for construction of three new bridges on the southbound carriageway and two new bridges at Pignata Road.

Lane closures and other changed traffic conditions will be in place during these works. Please follow the instructions of traffic controllers.

Noise modelling

Noise modelling has been undertaken to predict future road traffic noise. The modelling will identify potential sites requiring new or upgraded noise barriers as well as other noise mitigation treatments, and will comply with the department’s Transport Noise Management: Code of Practice.

The project team will consult with property owners, residents and business operators who may be impacted by future road traffic noise once the noise modelling has been completed later this year.

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